Walk the Walk


walk_the_walk3Or, a girl and her mech. DAZ Studio and Photoshop. This all started as a doodle, when I decided I didn’t like the colour of a shirt. (Click image for high rez version).

Winter is Coming …

winter is coming

… and so is the Red Viper. Though not to these parts. :) A Sunday morning when I should have been writing. DAZ Studio and photoshop. Click for full version.

Sentry Duty

sentry ldp

Bright blessings all for Sacred Time (western variant). A simple exercise in light and colour, DAZ Studio and Photoshop. Click for high rez version.

Dark II


Click for high rez version, and check out the Dark home page.



What is the difference between cosmic wonder and cosmic horror?

Nothing at all.

It’s happening – at Phenomenon, June 2014! And the Dark home page is now online! Dark – neutronium hard SF, organ soft cosmic horror in a game of exploration and genuine mystery.


Listen up drop bears!

We’re not diplomats or scientists. We’re just a corporate security crew escorting a prisoner to trial.

Suddenly we’re there, on the front line of history. A  first contact situation with a powerful alien entity.

Deep in the Kuiper Belt, we’re all that humanity has.

The readings are off the scale.

The implications are terrifying.

Keep your fingers off the trigger. Our orders are to learn – to observe and understand.

We’re a long, long way from home.

We don’t know the rules.

And everywhere, it’s dark.

Gender choice characters. Tablet optimised character sheets and game aids. A table-top scenario featuring Cthulhu Dark and glow-in-the-dark dice.


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