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Ontolosna: Maps of Tlon and Regions

I know of a world with three rainbow suns that shine unmoving ‘neath a pearling sky.

I know of a world set upon the back of a giant bird, journeying to an unknown destination.

I know of a world at peace, a world that has forgotten the terrors of war.

I know of a world where Time is ending.

This world is Ontolosna, and we are part of its weaving.

Several updated maps of Tlon and its surrounding regions are now available  from the Ontolosnan downloads page: a new 3D depiction of the major regions and an updated ‘mud pilgrim’ master map, in which the strange case of the river that crossed a mountain is no more.

Sadly. 🙂

Helden: A novella of the Hero Wars

The order comes: gash flesh, gore shield, make iron ring. Glut the wolves and birds of prey with fat and flesh of foe.

I am pleased to note that Helden is again available for download in PDF format. As the clans of Sartar and the Far Place rise in rebellion, a life-sick Humakti and his Vingan companion journey to a hill of swords, where the fate of the Kingdom depends on a desperate and ill-matched few.

Helden is a tale of death and laughter from the Hero Wars. 79 pages. Grab it now.

Warriors went to Whitewall …

Warriors went to Whitewall. Here we stood together, the last moot of the free. Here, with ruse and ritual and quest most desperate, defying the world’s wyrd, we held an Empire at bay for two long years.

Here we forged a tribe called Hurricane, birthed by a blue arrow, led by a high king’s courage, strengthened by a star queen’s wisdom, borne upon a desperate storm, forged by feat and fire and the bitter blade-clash of battle.

Here our eyes were opened. Here we forged a new vision, a new allegiance, a new way of living and dying.

Here the world changed, forever.

I am pleased to announce that ‘Ruin’ is once more available for download here at Myth-O-Logic. ‘Ruin’ describes the journey of two Orlanthi exiles – a skald named Braggi and a vingan called Cradledaughter – to the ruined city of WhiteWall. Written and illustrated by John Hughes,  ‘Ruin’ was first published in Ye Booke of Tentacles VI.

Download Ruin (2.6 Meg PDF document).

To Walk in Far Places

He who calls the Thunder has been Born.
We are many. We are one.
No more to hunt an unknown gors,
No more to plough an unknown field.
It is here, it is here, it is here.

To Walk in Far Places. A preliminary sketch of an Orlanthi Far Walker done for the 'To Walk in Far Places' project. DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

To Walk in Far Places. A preliminary sketch of an Ernaldan peace weaver. DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

Three Lagerwater Tales

Night makes us all kin, and fast be the friendships forged by the burning brazier coals. Here in the chill silence is founded the true friendship of Vinga and Elmal, for all their rivalry and tongue-thunder in the moot. And here too, the yelmalians and elmali stand true together, and wonder in the enemy darkness if their gods are really so different after all.

Jump to read three Lagerwater Tales: ‘The Yelmalians’, The Palisade by Night’, and ‘Harmony Lodge.