Handie Resolutions

Martian Seduction & Venusian Aikido

Download the PDF for use as a player handout or wall poster.

Handie Resolutions are a simple, dice-less resolution system used in theatrical roleplaying to signal and determine the course out-of-spotlight events, and to communicate and summarise emotional intentions and actions.

The initiating player makes the indicated physical gesture below. The target of their emotions may reciprocate if they so desire.

After a few seconds (always pause for effect), either partner may initiate the next level of engagement if desired.

In every case, reciprocating the gesture means acceptance.

Martian Seduction

Martian Seduction is used when love (or lust) is in the air.

  • To signal public flirting and romantic or sexual interest – offer to clasp hands (handshake).
  • To signal an attempted seduction, a willingness to have sex, or passionate foreplay  – after clasping hands, offer to clasp elbows.
  • To signal wild, loud sex or public passion that everyone will know about – after clasping elbows, offer to hi-five.

(Martian hands are reproductive organs. Apparently.)

Venusian Aikido

Venusian aikido is useful when words just aren’t violent enough.

  • To signal pushing and shoving, or other harsh physical contact – face your victim and hold one hand straight above your head.
  • To signal a solid blow or punch – hold two hands high above your head.
  • To signal a full-on, all-out brawl- hold both arms high above your head, and pump them slowly up and down.

(Venusian aikido is an unarmed combat style developed by the inhabitants of the planet Venus and used frequently by the Third Doctor (John Pertwee) to defend himself and others. Being created by Venusians, it optimally needed five arms and five legs.)

Please seek medical advice before attempting to simultaneously high five and pump a hand above your head.

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