Lagerwater Stead

Lagerwater stead is both my Far Point campaign base and a storytelling nexus for Far Place fiction and exploration. The stead is the setting for A Rope of Cedarbark and other Far Place tales.

The Tresdarnii clan ring, which comprises a number of people from Lagerwater, is detailed here.

The Stead

Young Lagerwater stead is located “on Snakepipe’s Edge”, in the wild and rain-soaked uplands of the Far Place between Jaskor’s Hold and Ginijji. It is essentially a fortified valley, a large stead that is home to a substantial minority of the Tresdarnii clan of the Tovtaros tribe.

Lagerwater holds a central place in the mythology of the Far Walkers. Taroskarla tells how Taros the Ridgeleaper first cut Lagerwater’s stead tree by the banks of the Lagertarn, and how it became home to the Animal Twins, heroquesters of the Three Element Dance. The original Lagerwater is now flooded beneath the Lagertarn, and Taros the Ridgeleaper is trapped undying below, awaiting his release and the heavy wyrd of vengeance he will bring upon all. Young Lagerwater sits by the shores of the tarn, isolated and defiant, soaked by the daily torrents that stream from Skyfall Lake.

Lagerwater suffered horribly during the Righteous Wind Revolt, and lost many of its finest warriors at Gamla’s Leap. Kinstrife threatens to erupt again within the stead, which has families both of Yelmalian and Elmali worshippers. In distant Piddledown, the Yelmalian tribal king plots openly to bring the wayward Tresdarnii clan to heel.

More recently a trollkin ‘hero’ and his followers who saved Lagerwater from Uz attack have imposed themselves on the stead’s hospitality, and shadows of Darkness grow. A foreign vingan is spreading strange notions amongst the young warriors. More and more strangers are in the gors, exploring the ancient, forbidden ruins of the Youf. All the while ancient enemies, Uz and broo and crawling chaos, look down from the storm-lashed heights and plot the stead’s destruction. Lagerwater wants nothing but isolation, but the Hero Wars are upon us all. Come the Hurricane.

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Significant People at Lagerwater Stead

Position Name Age Cult Bloodline*
Chieftain Orlstein Blue Cloud M Dar Sacred River
Lawspeaker Kierston Twoworlds F Andrin Twin Birch
Ploughmaster Ranli Stranglebear M Barntar Twin Birch
Second Plough Vantar the Straight M Yelmalio Sacred River
Herdmistress Kiersa Windcloak F Uralda Wind Spears
Boundary Thane Garlon Blinks Twice M Barntar Sacred River
Herd Mother Varla Web In Hail F Uralda Twin Birch
Clan Champion Karim Wildspear M Daylanus Twin Birch
Twin Speaker Gamla the Antler F Animal Twins Twin Birch
Sacred River Ancestor ** Ran Bloodfield M Barntar Sacred River
Sacred River Hearthmistress Yrsa the Flame F Mahome Sacred River
Twin Birch Ancestor Huma Saved-by-Bears M Ormalaya Twin Birch
Twin Birch Hearthmistress Forelda Copperkey F Kev/Orane Twin Birch
First Yelmalian*** Gaumata Lynx Eye M Yelmalio Twin Birch
“Loyal Wife” Meleranda Cityborn F Yernalda Twin Birch
Wind Spear Ancestor Haldar Heavyhead M Minlister Wind Spears
Wind Spear Hearthmistress Sora Redcalf F Nevala Wind Spears
Storm Godi Tovar Thunderson M Daylanus Sacred River
Storm Godar Karim Gorsfire# M Helamakt Twin Birch
Great Hunter Erryn Jumping Salmon# F Oramayla Wind Spears
Weaponthane Broddi Clapsaddle M Humakt None
Weaponthane Conlan Umath-Arm M Humakt None
Weaponthane Braggi Hail-Blast# M Ereltharol Twin Birch
Weaponthane Braggi SunBlade M Helamakt Sacred River
Weaponthane Yestus Golden Throat M Yelmalio Twin Birch
Healer Gamla Unafraid F Jera Twin Birch
Sun Carl Maldon Fire-of-Waters M Elmal Wind Spears
WoodWright Dangar the Red M Orstan Wind Spears
Gateman Bhorghil One-Eye M Elmal Wind Spears
Bonesmith Merklan Thundergong M Gustbran Twin Birch
Skald Larthan Visionsinger M Drogarsi Twin Birch
Reeve (Grain Keeper) Rane ‘Maldonson’ M Elmal Wind Spears
Grain-Godi Taros Oxback M Barnatar Twin Birch
Midwife/Gyrda Ula Willow Grouse F Eninta Twin Birch
Sun Watcher Yelmalhara Redgrain M Yelmalio Sacred River
Sun Wife (Gyrda) Harvina Altar Friend F Yernalda Twin Birch
Gyrda**** Kari Loving Cup F Roitina Twin Birch
Gyrda Keslii Glowingcoal F Orane Sacred River
Ancestral Shaman Entarla Manyvoice F Animal Twins Sacred River
Tower Thane Keranas the Cold F Rigsdal Twin Birch
Dishthane Skarg the Paunch M Vanganth Sacred River
Speaker to Uz Nalda Laughing Tree F Odayla Wind Spears
Trader Skalgrim Deer Velvet M Issaries Twin Birch
Trickster No One Neverthere F Eurmal None

* The bloodlines of Lagerwater are the Kinlini (Sacred River), Validor (Twin Birch) and Heldarnii (Wind Spears).

** Spakeman, or bloodline elder, lit. ‘Ancestor’.

*** The Yelmalians at the stead are led by Gaumata Lynx Eye. Though of different bloodlines, most of the Yelmalians share a common hearth at the Golden Lodge, in their own quarter of the stead. They have food, clothing and behavioral taboos that set them apart from their storm kin.

Gaumata’s wife Meleranda Cityborn guides the Yelmalian wives. They join in communal Ernaldan ceremonies with the rest of the women, and are completely accepted therein, but Meleranda also leads Ernalda Yelmalio-Wife ceremonies at her hearth. Orlanthi call that aspect of the goddess ‘Yernalda’.

**** The Womens’ Circle does not make great use of formal titles.

# secret members of the Righteous Wind.

Other Important People

Conla Brightshield, king of the Tovtaros. A Yelmalian worshipper, usually called ‘the sun-swallowed’.

Cloudstrider, a crazed and seemingly immortal ancestral shaman who dwells in the gors and gallt. he knows much of the Youf and their ruins, and of the dragonewts.

Cradledaughter the Vingan, a controversial Kheldon stead guest with suspect alliances.

Octavian Redwheel, Etyries priest, trader, and year-husband to Kierston Two Worlds. Well-received by most, despite being a Lunar sorcerer.

Harlii Virginland, salt-lick gyrda of the hunting camps, a simple soul who walks with a goddess none can name.

Balin Godgift, young son of Kierston the Lawspeaker. Said to have the memories and powers of his deceased grandfather, the heroquester Balin Godwind.

Climbtree Zorakbane, a trollkin ‘hero’ who has saved the stead and so commands its hospitality. He and his enlo followers are a growing problem.

Jungra Manystep, A Praxian zebra rider, friend to Kierston and Cradledaughter. A frequent visitor to the stead.

Janerra Brightbronze, the chief’s daughter, soon to wed. The ongoing courtship contests have provoked much scandal and turmoil.

Silverquill, a wandering durulz grey sage, dedicated to explication of the Youf ruins that dot the gors.

And of course…

Quackbeth the Hueymakt, a hazia cigaro chewing, uni-ambular, durulz freebooter (though only the left boot) who haunts the trails between Ironspike and Lagerwater.

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