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Greetings from Dapto II!


taikonaut walker

Greetings from Dapto II!

Do come visit.. Bring a blanket!

New Gloranthan Pages

Argrath, Iron-quester ||| first among heroes,
Slew with the sword edge ||| the spear point the spell.
Vanquished the Red Ones ||| brake we their shield-wall,
Hacked through the lindenwood ||| hewed through the shield.

Following a request, I have resurrected the Heortling Skaldic Poetry page.

And for convention goers, the Folk and Filk (sigh) collection. ‘The Twelve Plays of Trollball’ and ‘Truestone Ploughboy’ live!


Doing the Math

trinity drake
No postwork! DAZ studio render, all hologram effects done in situ. A character illustration for Dark.