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Out of the misty dawn

Orlanthi raider

Study of an Orlanthi raider, looking for cattle and just enough mayhem to make a song about. (Cattle optional).

DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

Real Sindarin Don’t Stair-Surf

Or, in which Jimbo purchases a volume camera.

Or, in which Jimbo purchases a volume camera for DAZ Studio.

The above render fell together as I was playing with the new atmosphere cameras for DAZ Studio, which allow for volume, fog, light-glow and vignette effects directly in a  scene without laborious postwork in Photoshop. The above resulted from me playing with the volume camera, some point lights, and a central narrow spotlight for the god rays. Yep, with the exception of the signature, it’s a straight render without postwork.

I’m hooked! I’ll add some further figures to turn this into a proper scene …