Waratah Scullinthorpe (The Investigators #6)

waratah-investigator-6Waratah Scullinthorpe, Classics Librarian: As a librarian and Theosophist Sunday School teacher, Miss Scullins knew she could keep calm under pressure.

An occasional series of Cthulhu investigators, Daz Studio and Photoshop.


A Picnic in Hyde Park (from Turn of Midnight Waters)

July 1926. After an eventful night hunting angels in the streets of Woolloomooloo, the party took repose with a picnic in Hyde Park, opposite the Australia Museum, ‘neath huge, multi-trunked fig trees. There they planned strategy for the nights ahead.

Hyde Park Picnic

Based on a true story. DAZ Studio and Photoshop. Ah, those Morton Bay figs…

Artists Ball 1926 (from Turn of Midnight Waters)

artistball 25 july

Back working on Turn of Midnight Waters after a year of intense work commitments – the end is in sight. DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

Artists Ball Sydney 1926: get your tickets now,  it will be a night you will never forget.

Felicity Davis (The Investigators #5)

Felicity Davis
Felicity Davis, Research Xenologist: As a field agent, Felicity’s weapon of choice is a selective neurotoxin aerosol, but if it comes down to the crunch, she knows how to improvise.

An occasional series of Cthulhu investigators, Daz Studio and Photoshop.

Sorry Business

sorry coaster

One of the traditions of Australian convention roleplaying is the beer coaster, whereby your game submission for next year’s con is scratched and scrawled on the back of a beer coaster during drinks at the pub after this year’s con.

A lot of coasters go missing, but I tell you, we planned some great games. Right before the wave of exhaustion and sugar withdrawal.

The inspiration for ‘Sorry Business’ actually came a few weeks after this year’s con, but hey, it’s a way of introducing it to you all.

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