Monthly Archives: April 2012

Xenomorph: Shackleton Station

With registration for Phenomenon 2012 now open, here is the first of the player handouts for my Xenomorph game. It presents a schematic of Shackleton station, the players’ home base.

Download the high quality PDF here (2.8 Meg):

Xenomorph 1 – Shackleton Station schematic

None of the handouts contain spoilers, all are safe for pre-game perusal. Collect the full set and impress your friends. 🙂

More Shackleton Station here. The featured model was created using DAZ Studio.

Ned Stark: A Portrait

Sean Bean as Ned Stark, King’s Hand and lord of Winterfell. After some further work on the mesh, here is a more final 3d render.

[Click for larger image].