Creators’ Guides & Maps

Ontolosna Creators’ Guidebooks

The Creators’ Guidebooks provide an overview of the developing world of Ontolosna, are available for free download. Mountain Breaks Storm contains a brief introduction to the Ontolosnan adventure. On the Back of World-Bird describes the three suns, the known world, the physik of shadow, the nature of time, and other basic ‘ontological’ facts. Gifts of the Aji introduce the human and animal Aji, the movers and shakers of Ontolosnan history.

Further publications are scheduled. They are Puddle Gods and Hungry Ones, describing the mysterious creatures known as kut, who are both the raw animal material of goddess-birthing and the resulting deities themselves, the Devis of Beauty and Delight. Daughters Upon Black Horses explores key farwing nations and cultures, with descriptions of everyday life, the Four Giftings, occupations and castes, key locales, and the nature of gender, power, and sexuality.

Ontolosnan Maps

Click on any map to open a larger version.

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Major regions surrounding Tlon, Seventh Epoch, Seventh Reality.

The Perfection and Episteme of Tlon

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