Deities & Heroes

‘Violence is always an option’, thundered Orlanth,
Lord of the Storm.

‘There is always another way’, whispered Ernalda,
Queen of the Earth.

Many diverse deities are worshipped or known in the Far Place.

Orlanth, Chief of the of Storm Tribe, King of the Gods, Wielder of Death, Bringer of Light, is the head of a tumultuous pantheon of barbarian gods. The Storm Tribe mythology is filled with violent, reckless deeds and honourable, heroic actions. With his wife Ernalda, Queen of the Earth Tribe, Orlanth rules the Far Place and all the world.

So claim the Storm worshippers. Others disagree.

In Storm Tribe mythology, Orlanth, the God of Storm, challenged Yelm, Sun Emperor and King of the Fire Tribe, for rulership of the gods. Orlanth killed Yelm, and plunged the world into the Lesser Darkness.

The Greater Darkness began when Chaos entered the world. Many gods and peoples died in the ensuing struggles.

Orlanth saw the terror and hunger his actions had caused, and his sense of responsibility prevailed. He and his companions set out on the Lightbringer’s Quest to rescue the dead sun from Hell. After many trials, they succeeded, and Yelm returned to the sky in the first dawn. With the Dawn came the Great Compromise and the beginning of Time.

The seven gods who participated in the Lightbringer’s Quest are now known as the Lightbringers. Five (Orlanth, Chalana Arroy the healer, Lhankor Mhy the sage, Issaries the merchant, and Eurmal the Trickster) receive worship. The other two are Flesh Man, first of the dead, and Ginna Jar, who remains an enigma.

Deities & Heroes of the Far Place

Aldrya – Plant goddess, Forest Keeper, Mother of the Aldryami (the elves and plant peoples).

Ancestor Worship – Ancestor worship is a central aspect of Far Point religious life, centring on the veneration of Tribal Founders and the Animal Twins who forged the Elemental Covenant. It is conducted as an adjunct to worship of the gods, and is usually led by shamans and kolatings.

Angdartha – Messenger of the Emperor who took Esrola captive. Ernalda knows the dances to control and compel him.

The Animal Twins – Pact Keepers, Emissaries, Three Element Dancers worshipped by the Orlanthi tribes of Far Point. The Animal Twins, KyLyrna and GwyLathos, were grandchildren of Taros RidgeLeaper. After the flooding of LagerWater Stead, they heroquested to forge the Elemental Covenant, rebinding all the Tribes of Far Point – human, animal, plant and elemental – into a single community. As Guardians of the Covenant, they are still alive, changing each Sacred Time into a different animal form. They breed each year and produce a single, magical animal offspring, the Herald of the Covenant. Because of this, the human and animal bloodlines are intermingled, and to the northern hunters animals are kin in the most literal way.

Annilla – Uz and Lunar mystical goddess of the invisible Blue Moon.

Arachne Solara – Spider Woman, Binder of the Universe, nature goddess, mystery beyond the gods.

Aranea – Uz spider goddess.

Argan Argar – Uz god of surface darkness, culture hero, trader and Speaker to Outsiders.

Arkat Humaktson – Chaosbane. A human who walked the hero paths and became a god in order to destroy Gbaji. In the end, his passion to destroy overcame even his humanity.

Asreila – Orlanthi and Uz Grandmother of Wealth, Keeper of All That Is Good, Gift Giver, mother of Ernalda and Maran Gor.

Babeester Gor – Orlanthi and Aldryami Avenging Daughter, axe maiden, sacred guardian of the earth.

Bad Man – First Enemy, guardian of the spirit realm, foe to shamans.

Bagog – Scorpion Woman, Chaos Mother of Monsters.

Barntar the Ploughman -Orlanthi farmer god. Son of Orlanth and Ernalda, husband to Mahome. Rival to Odayla.

Bigger Wind – mysterious and deadly power being used to support Harvar Ironfist in the Far Place. Little is known of this cult, the ancient enemy of the Righteous Wind.

Black Arkat – At the end of his days, Arkat Chaosbane abandoned all that he stood for and became an Uz. Many secrets attend this story.

The Black Eater – A spirit or force known and worshipped only by Trollkin.

The Bloody Tusk – An obscene spirit worshipped by the Tusk Riders, appeased only by blood and torture.

Brastalos – Orlanthi Goddess of the No Wind, the ‘eye of the storm’.

Cacodemon – A cacodemon is a demonic remnant of the devil. Chaos gods of murder, anarchy and ogres.

Caladra and Aurelion – Esrolian volcano twins, gods of volcanic fertility and harmony.

Celestial Court – The Old Gods, original Keepers of the Runes.

Chalana Arroy – A member of Yelm’s household, and also one of the seven Lightbringers. Goddess of health and healing, and on a larger scale of compassion and mercy. Chalana Arroy healed both the sun and the world after the Great Darkness.

City Gods – Protective daimones of a city, the collective soul of those who dwell there. Churos MudRich is a Yelmalion daimon who is the city god of Alda Chur, and Ironspike has the spirit of the ‘Spike itself.

Cragspider – An immortal Uz demi-goddess who lives north of Far Point in the Castle of Lead.

Creator – Lunar Prime Mover, the Invisible One.

Daga – God of drought and famine, an enemy of Orlanth and Barntar.

Daka Fal – The Judge of the Dead, who reviews the lives of mortals and sends each soul to its proper and just reward. Daka Fal rules the Courts of Silence on the outskirts of hell. All who practice Ancestor Worship revere him.

Danfive Zaron – One of the Seven Mothers. The Bridge for the Seeker, Outlaw, Gatekeeper, Porter, Night Watchman. Originally a murderous outlaw.

Dayzatar – The Pure One, The Shining Sky, High Priest of the Fire Tribe.

DeeZola, Queen – One of the Seven Mothers. The Binder Within, the Healer. Originally a priestess of Arachne Solara.

Dendara – Good Goddess of the Fire Tribe, wife of Yelm.

Donandar – The Skald of the Fire and Storm tribes, whose instrument is the small harp.

Earth Witch – SpaeWoman, Lore Keeper, an old goddess who still dwells in the wilderness.

Eiritha – Cow-Mother, Herd Goddess, a daughter of Ernalda. Also venerated by Praxians and the Fire Tribe.

Elmal – Orlanthi sun god, rescued by Orlanth and married into the Storm Tribe. He is the Loyal Thane, who guards the homestead when his Lord is absent.

Ernalda – The primary Goddess of the Storm Tribe. As Earth Mother she is head of a pantheon of agricultural spirits. As wife of Orlanth and mother of Barntar, she is the Family Goddess as well, with a pantheon of household goddesses. She is also the independent leader of the goddesses, and Queen of the Earth Tribe in her own right.

Esra – Orlanthi Grain goddess, more specifically the Barley Mother.

Etyries – Lunar Messenger of the Red Goddess. Once human, she is now the Goddess of merchants, messengers and heralds.

Eurmal – Orlanthi Trickster God. Fool, Lawbreaker, Outlaw, and Scapegoat, he is nonetheless one of the Lightbringers.

First Four Companions – Turtle, Teal, Otter and River Eagle. Companions and helpers of Odayla the Hunter.

Flamal – Plant Father, God of Vegetation.

Flesh Man – A mortal being who was one of the Lightbringers. He first saw Death and helped lead Orlanth to the Underworld.

Gagarth – God of the Wild Hunt, a malevolent deity who delights even in fighting his own kinfolk of the Storm Tribe.

Gark the Calm – Chaos God of peace, eternal life and zombies.

Gash and Gore – Uz heroes of the Greater Darkness who fought Chaos to the north of Dragon Pass.

Gata – The Primal Earth of the Plant Tribe.

Gbaji – The Evil One, the Deceiver, a god born of sorcery some 500 years after the Dawning, who ultimately fell before the power of Orlanth. (See Nysalor).

Genert – The dead god of the Northern continent, Genertela, killed during the Greater Darkness.

Geo – A minor hero-god of hospitality, companion to Sartar. His cult sponsors a number of way-stations across Dragon Pass.

Ginna Jar – An unknown goddess, most mysterious of the Lightbringers.

Glorantha – World Goddess, Life-Bringer, “Nature”, a primeval entity who was the firstborn of Maker and Grower. The mother of both the powers and elements of the Celestial Court.

Golden Bow – Archer of the Fire Tribe, a son of Yelm.

Gorakiki – The Uz Mother of Insects.

Gorgorma – The Other of the Fire Tribe, Keeper of Secrets, Terror and Eater. Gorgorma of the Two Mouths is the dark sister of Dendara.

Grandmother and Grandfather Mortal – The first man and woman ever made, and ancestor of all other humanoid mortal races. They were created by all the gods, but later humans (for instance the Beast People) were made by less inclusive groups.

Grower – Primal plant power, an elder God.

Gustbran 1. Bonesmith, Redsmith, the metalsmith who makes the magical implements of the gods. 2. The Bonfire, Source of Many Torches, one of the Lowfires.

Hachrat Blowhard – An Uz hero of Orlanth who fought against the Darra Happans after the Gbaji War.

Harmast Barefoot – A famous Orlanthi hero, the first human to successfully undertake the Full Lightbringers Quest, during the Gbaji War. His quest brought back Arkat Humaktson.

Harst – Reeve of the Storm Tribe, collector of spare grain.

Heler – God of Rain, originally of the Water Tribe but now a loyal ally of Orlanth.

Heort – Legendary founder of the Heortlings, the barbarian tribe that first settled Dragon Pass. Heort created tribes, laws and customs used since the Dawn.

Himile – Uz God of Cold, Lord of the Hollri (snow demons).

Hon-eel the Dancer – Lunar Goddess of Rebirth, the Second Inspiration of Moonson.

Horned Man – Father of Shamans, Spirit Master.

Humakt – Orlanthi God of War and Death, and of all Endings. Truth Binder, Sword Tongue. Humakt severed his family connections to maintain his purity of purpose.

Huraya – Spirit of mists and fogs, one of the Water Tribe.

Hwarin Dalthippa – Lunar heroine, Conquering Daughter, Road Bringer.

Hykim & Mikyh – Orlanthi Father and Mother of Beasts, Wild Makers, Many-Offspring, children of the Earth and a dragon.

Ikadz – Chaos god of torture.

Inora – The White Princess, Orlanthi and Uz goddess of snow-covered mountain tops.

Invisible God – Said by western peoples to be the Creator and Only God.

Iphara – Orlanthi goddess of fog, Mist Maiden.

Irrippi Ontor – One of the Seven Mothers. The Brown Man, originally a priest of Lhankor Mhy. Lunar personification of wisdom and learning.

Issaries – Orlanthi psychopomp, Messenger of the Gods, god of trade and travel, and of communication in general. A Lightbringer. In Far Point, he is also god of skalds and wisdom; the Talking God.

Jagrekriand – Red Planet, Slayer of Umath, enemy of the Storm.

Jakaleel the Witch – One of the Seven Mothers. The Spindle Hag, source of Lune elementals. Originally, a priestess of Zorak Zoran.

Jeset the Ferryman – Uz Ferryman of the Dead and Guide to Hell.

Karjakan – The Bad Spirit, the Empty Silence of the gors. A foe of Kolat.

Kero Fin – Goddess of Dragon Pass, Mountain Mother who inhabits the great peak in the centre of the land. Mother of Orlanth and Yinkin.

Kajabor – The Void, The Great Fear, Chaos god of entropy.

Kolat – 1. Orlanthi god of Winds. 2. The first spirit-master, who learned to control all wind spirits.

Krarsht – The Waiting Mouth, The Hungry One, The Devouring Mother, The Open Trap. Chaos goddess of Hunger.

Kyger Litor – Uz goddess, Queen of the Darkness Tribe. She is an enemy of Orlanth, a creeper in the shadows who wishes to steal the life and treasures of the world. Yet she is also Deloradella, lover of Orlanth, and mother of his son Crushing Noise.

Lady of the Wild – Velhara, Mistress of the Gors, Goddess of the Far Place, Beast Mother. An untameable deity, mother and protector of all wild animals, spirits, and things. Usually referred to only as ‘The Woman’ or ‘The Lady’. She must be propitiated before a hunt.

Lanbril – Orlanthi god of thieves.

Lhankor Mhy – Grey Sage, Orlanthi god of lawspeaking and knowledge. One of the Lightbringers.

The Lightbringers – Orlanth and his companions who returned the sun from hell and set the world to right. Orlanth, Issaries, Lhankor Mhy, Chalanna Arroy, Eurmal, Flesh Man and Ginna Jar.

Lodril – Fire Tribe god of peasants and volcanoes, father of the Lowfires. Vulgar and lusty, Lodril is known by his ability to consume vast amounts of almost anything.

Lokarnos – Fire Tribe god of wagons and trade.

Lux – The Faraway Sky, King of Above for the Fire Tribe.

The Lowfires – The Servants of Mankind: hearth, workfire, and wildfire.

Magasta – Sea god, King of the Water Tribe.

Mahome – Guardian of the Hearthfire, a goddess of Ernalda’s household.

Maker – Primal Mostali concept.

Malia – Chaos goddess of disease, pestilence and plague, Broo Mother. One of the Unholy Trio.

Malkion – Enemy God, called the Atheist, who perverted the world and invented sorcery.

Maran Gor – Earth Shaker, Forcer of Change, Goddess of earthquakes and destruction, Ernalda’s sister.

Mastakos – Charioteer of the Gods, Orlanth’s driver, god of motion.

Mee Vorala – Goddess of Fungi, worshipped by Uz and Aldryami.

Minlister – Orlanthi god of beer and brewing: a household deity.

Molanni – The Traitor Goddess, now the Calm Air of the Fire Tribe.

Mostal – Machine God of the Mostali, King of the Rock Tribe, Keeper of the World Machine. He is the Blacksmith, and his tribe alone knows the secrets of iron.

Nysalor – The Bright One, The Perfect One, Lunar and Solar God of Illumination. (Identified by Orlanthi with Gbaji).

Oakfed – The Wild Fire.

Odayla – The solitary son of Orlanth, and god of hunting in all its fashions: the chase from horseback, the stalk with bow and arrow, the stampede of herds over cliffs, the capture of great monsters in pits of with traplines and deadfalls.

Ompalam – Chaos god of coercion and slavery.

Orlanth – King of the Gods, and principal deity of the Air pantheon. Chief of the Storm Tribe. He epitomises all that a man can be in Orlanthi society. Orlanth destroyed the world by loosing the power of Death, and he created it anew by leading the Seven Lightbringers to liberate Life and Light from Death. He made the first clans.

Ourania – The Fire Tribe’s Virgin Mistress of Heaven.

Pochango the Mutator – The Cosmic Cancer of the Chaos tribe.

Polaris – Star Captain, War and Dancing God of the Fire Tribe.

Pelora – Goddess of Grain for Tarsh and the northern Orlanthi regions.

Primal Chaos – The impersonal Chaos Ooze.

Quivin – Legendary son of Kero Fin liberated by Orlanth in the Gods War. The spirit of the Quivin Mountains.

Ragnaglar – The mad Chaos god of Evil, who took all that was good and used it for bad, and fathered the vile race of rapist broos. One of the Unholy Trio.

Ratslaff – Fire tribe god of Disorder, Cosmic Buffoon.

Red Goddess – The Lunar Goddess of the Red Moon, Mistress of Time, Sister of Chaos, TwiceBorn, Lurker Upon The Veil. Born within Time, the Red Goddess now battles Orlanth for mastery of the Middle Air.

Red Emperor – Perpetually reincarnating son of the Red Goddess, Lord of the Lunar Empire.

Righteous Wind – the elusive secret wind, also worshipped by the Uz, that led Taros Ridgeleaper and his followers to their new home in the Far Place.

Rigsdal – the stalwart Night Watchman of the Storm Tribe, the Pole Star, caster of sky javelins.

Sartar – Legendary hero and founder of the Kingdom of Sartar, who performed his great deeds from 1492 to 1520.

Seseine – Chaos goddess of temptation.

Seven Mothers – Recreators of the Red Goddess. These spirits of the original seven who restored the Lunar Goddess are worshipped in their own right, and are the Lunar missionary cult. Danfive Zaron (the Gatekeeper), Queen Dee’zola (the Binder Within), Jakaleel the Witch, Teelo Norroi (the innocent sacrifice) , Irrippi Ontor, Yanafal Tarnils and She Who Waits.

“She Who Waits” – One of the Seven Mothers. Mysterious and little known.

Shepelkirt – Red Moon, Cosmic Wound, Nysalora. The red sky-wound moon who is enemy of Orlanth.

Sh’hakarzeel – Sky Dragon, Slain-By-Storm, Mover of the Sphere. An ancient and returning enemy of Orlanth,both in and out of Time.

Styx – Uz goddess of oaths and dark waters.

Subere – Uz goddess of the Inner Dark.

Taros Ridgeleaper – Elmalian hero who led the first settlers into Far Point after the Inhuman Occupation. Founder of the Tribes, First Hero of the Far Place.

Teelo Norroi – One of the Seven Mothers. The Cupbearer, “Young Life”, Protector of the Poor.

Telmor – Werewolf God, ancestor to the Telmori people.

Thanatar – The Severed God, Knowledge Stealer, Head Taker, Chaos god of stolen wisdom.

Thed – Mother of Broos. Goddess of Rape, one of the Unholy Trio.

Thunder Brothers – The collective sons of Orlanth.

Time – The measurer and measurement. Not worshiped, but universally recognised as the power of the Great Compromise.

Ty Kora Tek – Orlanthi goddess of the dead, and the Land of the Dead. She is a gaunt and wasted deity whose worshipers prepare corpses and guard urnfields.

Uleria – Goddess of Love, most ancient living deity and the reason that the world was saved from destruction.

Umath – First Storm, the Founder of the Storm Tribe, who separated earth and sky to make the Air Realm. He is the father of Orlanth.

Umbrol – The Whirlwind, father of Sylphs.

Unholy Trio – Collective name for Mallia, Ragnaglar and Thed. These Chaos deities of evil contrived to destroy the entire world, and they birthed Wakboth, the Devil.

Urox – the Storm Bull, god of the Desert Storm, a potentially harmful wind that blows into Dragon Pass from the east. He is unruly and lawless, but has powers which are specifically useful to combat chaos.

Valind – Orlanthi god of Winter, whose wide northern realm is forever covered with ice. In the winter the Valind Winds blow snow storms off the icecap and they gather at Dragon Pass.

Velhara – see Lady of the Wild.

Vinga – The Defender Storm, Orlanthi goddess of women adventurers and gateway to the worship of Orlanth by women. The eldest daughter of Orlanth and Ernalda.

Vivamort – The Chaos vampire god of undeath.

Voria – Goddess of Spring and New Growth, of innocence and a new start. Youngest daughter of Orlanth and Ernalda, and the Girl’s Goddess.

Voriof – Shepherd God, and in a more general sense, the Boy’s God.

Vrimak – Fire tribe Father of Birds.

Wakboth – God of Evil, the Devil, Master of the Chaos Tribe. The moral evil of the world.

Xentha – Uz goddess of night.

Xiola Umbar – Uz goddess of brute compassion, the Solace Of The Deep Dark Within.

Yanafal Tarnils – One of the Seven Mothers. “Ram and Warrior”. Originally a follower of Humakt, he defeated this god in battle. Now the major Lunar war god.

Yara Aranis – Horse Eater, goddess of the Reaching Moon, the savage daughter of Gorgorma and the Red Emperor.

Yelm – The Old Emperor, Evil Emperor, God of the Sun, ruler of the Fire Tribe. Brother of Lodril and Dayzatar. Yelm’s death brought the Lesser Darkness, and Orlanth undertook the Lightbringer’s Quest to rescue him from hell.

Yelmalio – Solar God of the Winter Sun, Son of the Sun, Preserver of the Light. When Yelm travelled to the underworld, Yelmalio preserved the dim cold light until he returned.

Yelorna – Unicorn Virgin, Star Huntress of the Fire tribe. The sister of Yelmalio.

Ygg – A god of Storms, especially winter sea storms. The son of Valind, worshipped by many Wolf Pirates.

Yinkin – Half-brother to Orlanth, and ancestor god of Alynxes (shadow cats), the feline familiars of the Orlanthi people.

Zong – Uz hunting god.

Zorak Zoran – Lord Demon of the Legions of Death, Warlord of the Darkness Tribe, God of Hatred. The murderer of Flamal.

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