“Helden Broken Tongue, the call is upon you. A war ring has been forged. The order comes: gash flesh, gore shield, make iron ring. Glut the wolves and birds of prey with fat and flesh of foe. The Highblade Cohort has gathered. Loyalties ratified in wine before the standard and pledged with our right hand will soon be put to test. Harmast your captain bids you come. I place this geas upon you—follow me faithfully to the place appointed; then your wyrd will be your own.”

As the clans of Sartar and the Far Place rise in rebellion, a life-sick Humakti and his Vingan companion journey to a hill of swords, where the fate of the Kingdom depends on a desperate and ill-matched few.

Download Helden

A tale of death and laughter from the Hero Wars.
79 pages, PDF format
[600 KB].

  1. Thank you Steve. I great to know the story can still connect, and feedback like this inspires me to keep writing. 🙂

  2. I have been a long time RQ fan although not played as much as I would have liked. I seem to come back to roleplaying and RQ periodically and recently have been reading through all the mongoose stuff and presumably on to the Heroquest stuff after that. I remembered your Farpoint stuff from ages ago and found your site again. I finished reading Helden last night.. Stunning… It gave me so much. Firstly it gave me a strong realistic and captivating view of the region and therefore Glorantha, the scenery was top notch mate. Secondly the way things worked as presented by you was also utterly convincing. Whether its combat maneuvers, tactics, and methods and how battles pause here, move there ah so nicely done. Or How magic looks and effects those using it with little touches even just putting enchanted armour on was so nicely handled. Then theres the characters. Poor Cradledaughter, i wanted to go find her and hug her and tell her it would be ok… Several times reading this I choked up. The sense of belonging to something great was developed from very early on and completely caught me. The sorrows of the characters individually and then sharing them and trying to cope with them together… I’m not ashamed to say that when i explained the story to someone I burst in to tears lol… Brilliant stuff and thank you!

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