On Snakepipe’s Edge

“The Far Place stands on the very edge of knowing. It is a realm of storm and stone and loss, upland fortress of the seven winds, an ancient dragon-land, hoarder of secrets, dark, rain-pelted and isolate.

The Far Place is a bleeding land, ruled by animal clan and elemental court. Though human tribes and empires may rise a time, they are fated to crumble before the inexorable power of Storm and Dark. To breathe there is to be changed, to live there is to be moulded and shaped into the image of the land itself.”

A Rope of Cedarbark

The Far Place is a region of Dragon Pass to the immediate north of Sartar, bordering on Tarsh, Ginijji and Dagori Inkarth. Settled by the stormy and quarrelsome Far Walkers, its history is entwined with the struggles of Tarsh and Sartar against the might of the Lunar Empire.

The Far Place, or Far Point as it is also known, is divided geographically and culturally into two distinct zones. The rich agricultural lowlands of the Sharl Plains, centred on the city of Alda Chur, are home to prosperous pro-Lunar tribes loyal to the Light God Yelmalio, a Son of the Sun. The rugged and rain-swept uplands, the eternal gors and gallt (‘forest and waste’), are home to violent, isolated and xenophobic clans of Storm-worshipping barbarians who worship Orlanth and his kin.

The uplanders, sometimes called the Bluefoot Orlanthi, face constant incursions from Chaos and Darkness, and from the hostile Yelmalian forces of the plains. Hunters, herders and farmers, they resist any intrusion from the outside world, but are being swept against their will into the tumultuous events of the Hero Wars. The following pages record their story.

On Snakepipe’s Edge: Content

  • Taroskarla is the founding myth of the upland clans, and records the story of the Animal Twins and the strong mythic influence of Odayla and the Lady of the Wild. It also tells of the Far Walkers and their struggles, and the stormy settlement of their new land ‘on Snakepipe’s Edge’.
  • A Far Point Timeline details the history of the Far Place from the Dawn to the opening seasons of the Hero Wars.
  • Tribes of the Far Place provides detail on the geography, tribes, politics and recent history of the Far Place.
  • Bluefoot Orlanthi – the Tovtaros Tribe provides detail on the clans and steads of one upland tribe, the Tovtaros, “source of heroes”.
  •  Spirits of the Far Place by Mikael Raaterova, details spirits of stead and gors.
  • Rituals of the Far Place by Mikael Raaterova, describes several upland rituals.
  • A Far Place Stead Calendar provides key dates from the farming, hunting and social year.
  • Flora & Fauna of the Far Place provides an encyclopedic examination of man, animal and environment in the Far Place, touching on stead animals and crops, farming, herding, staple and unusual foods and drinks, environment types, plant and animal tribes, and environmental resources.
  • A Visitor From Prax records the impressions of Jaxarte Whyded during his brief visit to the region.
  • Exile 1614 is a descriptive piece written to introduce players to the life and mystery of the upland tribes.
  • Deities and Heroes records the many gods, goddesses, heroes and spirits loved or feared by the Far Walkers.
  • Lagerwater Stead introduces the fastness of the Tresdarnii clan, a wilderness stead acclaimed in story and song.
  • Lagerwater Tales are locale descriptions/short stories; ‘The Yelmalians”, “The Palisade By Night”. and “Harmony Lodge”.

Far Point Fiction

Several pieces featured on Questlines – Helden, A Rope of Cedarbark, and The Finest Music, are set in the Far Point and expand the campaign background.

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