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Xenomorph: Player Characters

Far out on the Rim, aboard the csiro-billington research station Shackleton, a boarding team assembles for an urgent mission. Some are corporate security – drop bears – others are science techs. They are to intercept a Colonial Marines military vessel that has appeared out of hyperspace, seemingly disabled and abandoned.

The name of the ship is Sulaco.

A slideshow of the player characters for John and Pip’s upcoming Xenomorph roleplaying module at Phenomenon 2012. For more details, see the Xenomorph page. Artwork by John using DAZ Studio and Photoshop

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Roleplaying Tools: Martian Seduction & Venusian Aikido

I have just added a page containing the secrets of Martian Seduction & Venusian Aikido:

These are simple signalling systems to communicate romance and physical violence respectively in freeform and systemless roleplaying games.

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Xenomorph PC1: Security Operative

Our Alien module for Phenomenon 2012 – now called Xenomorph – is steadily taking shape. The elements of the game include the Sulacco, RSV Shackleton and csiro-billington megacorp. The player characters are revealling themselves – here is Iriaka, a troubled station security operative and one of the ‘Drop Bears’.

The cover has been created using DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

Full size version here: