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Pacific Civilisation: A Hidden History?


In April 1925, the disabled steam yacht Alert was towed into Sydney Harbour. The sole surviving crewman, Gustaf Johansen, told a fantastic tale of cultic piracy, a risen island, and a monstrous sea beast. A hideous winged idol discovered aboard the ship was delivered to the Australian Museum. A scholarly symposium was called to discuss its mysterious provenance and identity. The advertisement for the symposium was carried in various scientific journals and was much discussed in occult periodicals and other, even less public, circles. And the ships came.

Daz Studio and Photoshop. Click for full size version. Also available as a PDF (6 Meg).

Terra Antarctica


A new campaign is taking place. Antarctica beakons… the secret 1945-46 Australian military expedition to be precise. Here is our first concept image, a Supermarine Walrus seaplane over the ice of Neuschwabenland sometime in the summer of  ’45-46.

Terra Antarctica! More soon.

Art created and rendered in DAZ Studio and Photoshop.