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Ned Stark (WIP)

I don’t often attempt real-life portraits, but recently I’ve been reading George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, and re-watching the magnificent HBO adaptation in preparation for Series 2, which begins in early April. This is the result: Sean Bean as Ned Stark, King’s Hand and lord of Winterfell. Not so much a finished project as a 3D model awaiting a full render – DAZ Studio and Photoshop.


[Click for larger image]

Humakti warriors

I have begun the slow process of adding examples  of my 3D art to Myth-O-Logic, sorting through old online galleries and portfolios. To get the ball rolling, here are two grim Humakti!

Humakti Gallery

Ontolosna Creators’ Guide 3: Gifts of the Aji

The third Ontolosna Creators’ Handbook – Gifts of the Aji – has been updated and is available for download. It is an 11 page PDF reference for fellow world makers introducing the animal and human Aji, Buddha-like figures that lie at the very centre of the Bright Journey. All of the Guides are available from the Guidebooks & Maps page.

The Aji (plural) are revolutionary teachers and leaders who implement great religious and social change. An Aja (singular) transcends individual Traditions, often combining aspects of them in new and surprising ways. Aji are associated with technological progress, religious innovation, social upheaval, and spiritual, emotional and sexual liberation. They are believed to have Awakened into Tay’kan (Liberation). Aji are forces of change, but often leave great destruction in their wake. The Aji are opposed by Shali or Heroes.

Ontolosna Creator’s Guide 2: On the Back of the World Bird

The second Ontolosna Creators’ Handbook – On the Back of the World Bird – has been updated and is available for download. It is a 20 page PDF reference for fellow world makers examining suns and seasons, time and meaning in Ontolosna. All of the Guides are available from the Guidebooks & Maps page.

Ontolosna is set upon the back of Huksae, the World-Bird, the Crane of Being, whose flapping wing cycle (visible across the parasol sky) determines Ontolosna’s seasons and years. Three suns are eternally visible. The movement of On, the primary, can only be measured across epochs, though she undergoes a daily colour cycle that determines ‘night’ and ‘day’.

Ontolosna Creators Guide 1: Mountain Breaks Storm

The first Ontolosna Creators’ Handbook – Mountain Breaks Storm – has been updated and is available for download. It is a 22 page PDF document. All of the Guides are available from the Guidebooks & Maps page.

Ontolosna is a shared fantasy roleplaying and storytelling world. A long-time personal obsession, it is now being developed under a Creative Commons License as a communal vision; The Bright Journey Project.

In every Age an Aja of Joy, and in every Age a dark Hero of sorrows. In every Age an Aja of Change, and in every Age a demon Hero who destroys. Yet the choice between Ajahood and herodom can be decided in the fall of a blade, the tone of a single word. And even in a world of peace, there can be some things even more terrible than war …

Beneath many-coloured On, the unmoving sun, the world of Ontolosna wings forward on the back of the World-Bird. Queens and traders and theagyns and daki ni seek to guide the fate of empires and peoples. But all know that history is ending. Who will be the Aja of this Age? And will her Awakening once more tear the world apart?

Ontolosna is a progressive realm of female power where violent warfare is comparatively rare, and where humans create and direct their deities in massive Theagyn (‘goddess birthing’) rituals. Ontolosna’s cultural analogues are North Asian in inspiration—Tibet, India, Korea, China, Japan—and the project’s design aims are to question and explore notions of gender construction, religion, myth, violence, non-violence, and social change in a game environment with special attention to the nuances of genre.

The first guidebook provides an introduction to the world and to the key historical events which have shaped its present.