John Hughes’ Orlanthi Resource for the HeroQuest Gloranthan RPG

Heortling Fyrdsman. Click for larger image. 207K.

Welcome to Questlines. These pages are devoted to Greg Stafford’s fantasy world of Glorantha and the HeroQuest/Hero Wars/RuneQuest roleplaying games used as a vehicle for its exploration. Questlines explores, through a selection of fiction, poetry, game scenarios and background articles, the Orlanthi culture of Sartar and Dragon Pass, and in particular the storm-soaked Tovtaros tribe of the Far Place, a wild and stubborn people who cling to their ancestral tulas ‘on Snakepipe’s Edge’.

Questlines also contains a gallery of 3D Gloranthan art rendered in Daz Studio, Poser, and Bryce, a number of my articles, rants and essays on various aspects of exploring Glorantha, as well as some links and bookshelf pages.

Come the Hurricane!

Questlines is the recipient of multiple awards from the Gloranthan Traders Association.

Breath freely, for Orlanth protects the Questlines. His power is everywhere, and the Tribe of the Storm strengthens mine arm against chaos, kinstrife, lunar perfidy, hungry trolls and dodgy HTML coding.

Glorantha is the creation of Greg Stafford. This site exists under Revokable Licence from Issaries Inc. All proprietary material owned by Issaries, Inc., and all material incorporating or making derivative use of proprietary material owned by Issaries, Inc. is used only pursuant to the terms of a revokable license from Issaries, Inc. Persuant to that Licence, the Original Contents of this site are copyright © John Hughes and individual contributors, 2002-2011.

  1. Thanks Bill! Glorantha continues to reveal her mysteries to us all.

  2. Great work John, been a fan for far too long and thought I had better speak up. I hope this note finds you well and aware of how much I appreciate what you have made of our mutual passion, glorantha

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