Falling Water, Blinking Suns (2010)

This page presents details of an introductory Ontolosnan roleplaying module run at Phenomenon 2010, Canberra, 11-14 June 2010.

A PDF flyer for the module is available here. Player characters are available below. You can also read a brief description of the Liberation game system.
Downloadable background materials for Ontolosna are available from the Resources page.

Phenomenon 2010

Falling Water, Blinking Suns

Mythologic presents Falling Water, Blinking Suns, a single session, system-lite introduction to the world of Ontolosna by John and Pip Hughes.

There are myths that enslave women and men, and myths that set them free.

I know of a world with three rainbow suns that shine unmoving ‘neath a pearling sky.
I know of a world set upon the back of a giant bird, journeying to an unknown destination.
I know of a world at peace, a world that has forgotten the terrors of war.
I know of a world where Time is ending.
This world is Ontolosna, and we are part of its weaving.
Yet this tale is of lesser things. It concerns five trader-pilgrims on a journey from their mountain
wilderness to the bright jewel-centre of the world; the bonds that join and divide them; and their
struggle to waken the reality that sleeps within and without.

Ontolosna: The Bright Journey is a shared fantasy roleplaying and world-building project. It portrays a progressive realm of female power where violent warfare is comparatively rare, and where humans create and direct their deities in massive Theagyn (‘goddess birthing’) rituals.

Ontolosna draws inspiration from the lands and peoples of Tibet, India, Korea, China, and Japan.

Game Ratings

(Where 1 is light/non-existent and 5 is the works/full immersion).

Characterisation: 4
Story/plot: 4
Genre: 4
Seriousness: 3
Rules knowledge: 1
Rating: MA (Adult concepts, overt sexuality).


Five members of a remote Nunshantang trading clan undertake a trade-pilgrimage to distant Sinop, the greatest city in the world.
Note: Game sensitive information in these character sheets have been expunged courtesy of the Bookburners of Sinop. Intending players should feel free to browse.

Jin, the ‘Youngest Daughter’ (F)

Young and naive, full of adolescent energy, Jin must learn to lead.
Character Sheet:  JIN final web.pdf

Bae, the ‘Elder Sister’ (F)

A seasoned trader, Bae must guide the younger Jin while balancing the needs of clan and trade.
Character Sheet:  BAE final web.pdf

Anil, ‘Guardian of the Inner Tents’ (M)

Fastidious, bullying, unimaginative yet efficient, Anil commands the men. He sees this trade pilgrimage as his chance for clan advancement.
Character Sheet:  ANIL final web.pdf


Thokmay-ko, the Kut Hunter (M)

A solitary mountain nomad unused to even the rudiments of civilised life, Thokmay-ko has been chosen to preserve the caravan’s most precious cargo.
Character Sheet:  THOKMAY final web.pdf

Akarko the Bare Cheeked (M)

Having once lived amongst the pleasures and sophistications of fabled Sinop, Arkarko is now mistrusted by the women of his clan and despised by the men. Yet his talents are many, if not immediately obvious.
Character Sheet:  ARKARKO final web.pdf

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