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Woods of the Bachad

An Orlanthi fyrdman and clan spirit in the dark woods of the Bachad tribe. Daz Studio and Photoshop.

Mistress of Storms

mistress of storms
Two Orlanthi thunder rebels in the rain-blessed hills of Sartar.

Near final draft of a  rather ambitious art project (by my standards) using DAZ Studio and Photoshop. Well worth clicking for the large scale image!

Comments and suggestions most welcome, as this is still evolving.

The Far Place: Life in Landscape

“I have come from learning, vision and verse in Wintertop”.

Come the HurricaneAn oldie but a goldie, here in it’s new home is the early Far Place Essay, Life In Landscape – aka ‘Flora and Fauna of the Far Place’. An exploration of the environment of Far Place and Northern Sartar, the essay deals with flora and fauna, farming, hunting, herding, food and drink and economic exploitation and trade in a systematic but always game- and campaign- friendly way. It was this systematic approach, exploring daily life in a realistic environment, that came to full fruit in Thunder Rebels.

Jump to Life In Landscape: Being, visions of the Far Place, the gors and the gallt, with notes various on flora and fauna, hunting, herding, agriculture, food and matters diverse.