John Hughes lives with his wife Pip and two cats in  a life of uninterupted romance midst the verdant white-paper wilderness of Canberra, Australia. An anthropologist by training,  John works as a social science editor and e-publisher at the Australian National University.

Both John and Pip have been part of the Australian and international roleplaying convention circuit since the world’s first freeforms in 1983, and were among the pioneers of theatrical, character-driven systemless gaming and multiforming in the early 1990s. Individually, as writing partners and in collaboration with others, they have produced over 50 modules for publication and convention play, as well as roleplaying supplements, articles and edited collections. Most recently, John was a contributer to Terror Australis, Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu Australian supplement.

Always the Orlanthi, John has written extensively for the Runequest/Heroquest world of Glorantha (Thunder Rebels, Storm Tribe …), edited several collections of Gloranthan gaming, and contributed fiction, mythological and ethnographic game background, modules, exploratory essays and artwork to dozens of Gloranthan themed projects.


  1. Garry Williams

    Actually, I’ve been looking for an image of a {blond-haired} SPEARMAN ; with a view from behind (15 degrees above), as if he is about to take on a Monster coming from the ‘right-side & above’..

  2. @john, juust wanted to thank you for your excellent Cthulhu Dark extended character sheet. It has been used as inspiration for CTHULHU OBSCURA, found at DriveThruRPG

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