Mountain Breaks Storm

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Introducing Ontolosna

Let us create a great story together. Imagine a world set upon the back of a giant bird, warmed by three unsetting suns, a realm where the ever-changing colour cycle of the major sun determines light and darkness, and where the vast slow beating of the World-Bird’s wings mark the years and seasons.
This world is


The pages within this section provide a brief overview to the world and history of Ontolosna, explaining key ideas and events.

Concerning Women

Concerning History

Concerning Aja and Kut

These summaries use analogues to simplify and explain key ideas. Analogues are always useful in providing a ready orientation and starting point for our imaginations. However, they can distort and deceive as much as they illuminate. The women and men of Ontolosna are not Koreans, Indians, Tibetans … They have been shaped by the forces of their world and history into unique peoples, each with their unique story, mythologic and culture. Uncovering and sharing that story is our joint venture, for entertainment, insight, and pleasure.

Come join the Bright Journey.

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