Monthly Archives: January 2013

Mistress of Storms

mistress of storms
Two Orlanthi thunder rebels in the rain-blessed hills of Sartar.

Near final draft of a  rather ambitious art project (by my standards) using DAZ Studio and Photoshop. Well worth clicking for the large scale image!

Comments and suggestions most welcome, as this is still evolving.

Out of the misty dawn

Orlanthi raider

Study of an Orlanthi raider, looking for cattle and just enough mayhem to make a song about. (Cattle optional).

DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

The Gate of Heaven

gate-of-heaven2-webAnd so it begins.

The Gate of Heaven is a science fiction roleplaying module that I will be running at Phenomenon 2013. Players will take the roles of five women – grandmothers, mothers and daughters – from a ruling family confronting a series of crises that threaten to overwhelm T’ien, their fragile stellar colony. I have established a module page here.

This poster was created using DAZ Studio and Photoshop. It portrays Ushas –  a young political activist and one of the player characters – within the colony Redoubt.

Now all that Pip and I have to do is actually write it. 🙂

A Little Lovecraftian

investigator den

A character piece I put together in DAZ Studio and Photoshop. A Call of Cthulhu investigator in that den of safety and calm, the library. At least until you start reading old books…

Click for larger image.