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Blue Shadow: Lantern & Blade

This one is for Pippin, my light and strength. It depicts a young Ban woman abroad at hosook, the midnight hour of purity and transformation.

My way of explanation, this is an Ontolosnan scene. Ontolosna is lit by three unmoving suns, and the colour changes of On the primary mark the division of the Ontolosnan day (see Time).

The blue and violet/black colour cycles constitute narim or shadow. Hosook, or the moment of purity – pure violet – is ‘midnight’, and is the time when On takes back. Temperatures fall dramatically over just a few heartbeats; and fog or frost may form, even in the heat of monsoon.

Hosook is associated with private ritual, with healing, with endings, with tantra and transformation. It is sacred to Komun Black Tongue, Dark Mother of the Kal’ttar. Humans tend to awaken at Hosook, and so the long narim is broken into two sleeping cycles.

DAZ Studio and Photoshop. Clothing textures taken from Pip’s kimono collection.

Real Sindarin Don’t Stair-Surf 2: The Final

Now more modestly titled, ‘Leap of Fate’. DAZ Studio and Photoshop, using Age of Armour’s new camera shaders. I don’t often do generic fantasy renders, but here we go (click for full size) …

Real Sindarin Don’t Stair-Surf

Or, in which Jimbo purchases a volume camera.

Or, in which Jimbo purchases a volume camera for DAZ Studio.

The above render fell together as I was playing with the new atmosphere cameras for DAZ Studio, which allow for volume, fog, light-glow and vignette effects directly in a  scene without laborious postwork in Photoshop. The above resulted from me playing with the volume camera, some point lights, and a central narrow spotlight for the god rays. Yep, with the exception of the signature, it’s a straight render without postwork.

I’m hooked! I’ll add some further figures to turn this into a proper scene …