A Far Place Timeline

This timeline was first published in Questlines.

(Compiled by Ardrun Lamb-Scraper from translations of the Delecti Stones and the Minari Youf Codex, Alda Chur, 1678.)

The Dawn Age

Rise of the World Council of Friends and its renewal of the Oath of One. The First Council builds its capital on a site now covered by the Upland Marsh. Later, the Second Council attempts to build Ostentalka, the Perfect God. Dragon Pass rebels against the Council. Sunstop, the birth of Nysalor, the Gbaji Wars and the final doomquest of Arkat Chaosbane, including his invasion and liberation of Dragon Pass.

The Imperial Age

Followers of Orlanth DragonFriend and Drolgard the Hero make contact with the dragonewts, opening the path to human use of draconic magics. Rise of the Youf, or the Empire of the Wyrms Friends (EWF). The Empire begins an ambitious project to construct the Great Dragon, whose body will be Dragon Pass itself. Wracked by internal dissent, the Empire finally falls under the combined attacks of traditional theists, Uz, and dragonewts.

560 – Vistikos Left-Eye befriends Orobo, initiating human contact with draconic powers.

575 – Vistikos establishes first Waltzing and Hunting Band.

578 – Final defeat of the Brain-looters. Isgandrang Dragonspeaker proclaims the Empire of the Wyrms Friends (Youfland), establishing its capital on the Golden Sharl Plains near the site of present day Glasswall.

915 – The Dark Chill unleashed upon Youfland. No crops harvested for three years.

1032 – Karladran Noglash and the Sun Demons move the Youf Star northwards, where it is drowned by Sky River Titan.

1024 – Fogarth Toothaxe and the Wood Thanes make treaty with the Skyfall Uz: together they raid the Youf and steal the Sacred Ormsword, spoiling the Youf utuma sacrifices.

1042 – Inhuman King turns against the Youf: the Empire is sacked by dragonewts and humans. Escape of the half-beasts. Return of the True Gods.

1100 – Pelorian armies (the Invincible Golden Horde) attack dragonewt nest cities. Troll King of Shadowlands sends Uz and humans to assist dragonewts.

1120 – Dragonkill War. The Inhuman Occupation. True dragons kill all humans in Dragon Pass. Dragonewts set up Deathline (north) and Crossline (south) to keep out those foolish enough to attempt resettlement.

The Hero Age

1140 – First Tusk Rider clans form in the Stinking Forest.

1180 – Creation of the Grazer Tribe by Ironhoof.

1220 – Uz Eat Dragonewts. Dragonewts Kill Uz.

1247 – Apotheosis of the Red Goddess.

1322 – Birth of Taros Ridgeleaper in Bilini.

1330 – First human re-occupation of Dragon Pass. Arim the Pauper courts the hero-priestess Sorana Tor, and founds the Tarsh tribe.

1340 – Humans re-enter Dragon Pass in large numbers. Grazer King Hendrosti Goldhand enslaves many.

1357 – Taros Ridgeleaper leads the Far Walkers across Dwarf Run.

1358 – Son Strife: division of the Far Walkers. Vantar Tarosson drives half-beasts from the Youfish ruins of Alda Chur (Old Salor) at the Three-Eyed Beast Battle.

1360 – Resettlement of Ironspike. Taros Ridgeleaper cuts stead tree in ruins of the Youfish hill fort.

1362 – Battle of Falling Hills. Tarsh tribe defeats Lunar army.

1372 – Second Son Strife. Tovar the Hungry founds Piddledown Stead.

1373 – Taros Ridgeleaper founds Lagerwater Stead on the shores of Lagertarn.

1389 – Karli’s Travail; birth of the Animal Twins.

1395 – Yarandros Horse Thief conquers dissenting Orlanthi, founds Kingdom of Tarsh.

1403 – Tearing Claw Season. Animal and element tribes rise against the Far Walkers.

1404 – Lagerwater Stead drowned in early Sea Season. Animal Twins enter the gors to begin the Three Element Dance.

1412 – Coming of the First Animal Herald.

1415 – The Gift Bringing: the dividing of the tribes. Creation of Princeros, Vantaros, Kasdarni and Tovtaros tribes. Vantar Sun-Vision elected Lord of the Far Place, with nominal allegiance to king of Tarsh. Theya Mist-Eye initiates the AldaThingi.

1420 – Grazelanders retreat to the uplands after defeat by Tarsh.

1448 – Tarsh Civil War begins. Tarkalor of the Princeros, Prince of Alda Chur, unsuccessfully declares himself king of Tarsh.

1449 – First Chaos-Breaking. Major eruption of chaos out of Ginijji. The invasion is broken by summoning Black Thunderbird, the Wrath of Orlanth.

1450 – Quivini cede from Tarsh.

1451 – Tribal kinstrife as Yelmalian missionaries spread the tale of Elmal Orlanththrall. Mutilation of the Elmali sacred Sun Horse at Beardance Stead by Vantaros raiders.

1462 – ThirdBirth of Feathered Horse Queen.

1466 – Kasdarni tribe destroyed in war with the Princeros.

1490 – Hon Eel the Artess declares herself regent of Tarsh. Loyalist tribes defeated at Battle of the Dancing Sisters. Anti-Lunar tribes become Tarsh Exiles.

1492 – Recently created Amad and Bachad tribes join the Alda-Churi Confederation.

1495 – Engrid Spearshaft of the Vantaros declared Tarsh Regent by vote of all Exile tribes.

1496 – Consecration of Temple of Reaching Moon near Furthest. Far Point declares itself independent of Tarsh.

1510+ – Sartar’s roads help Alda Chur become an important trading city.

1517 – Second Chaos-Breaking. Broo and Tusk Riders besiege Alda Chur. Driven off by combined Exile and Praxian army.

1518 – The Long Sleep. Certain clans of the Vantaros are afflicted by a strange sleeping sickness, which in some cases lasts many years.

1520 – Apotheosis of Sartar.

1538 – Reunification of Tarsh under Exile leader Palashee Long Axe, assisted by King Jarolor of Sartar.

1539 – Dragonewt’s Dream begins.

1555 – Battle of Karnge Farm. Death of Long Axe. Lunar king Phargentees reclaims Tarsh.

1557 – Elmal/Yelmalio kinstrife in Far Point erupts into tribal war. Massacre of Yelmalian families at Fort Engoli. Extinction of the Priderni clan of the Tovtaros. Many Vantaros convert to Yelmalio.

1565 – King Jarolor of Sartar killed assisting the Alda-Churi against Tarsh/Lunar army at Battle of Dwarf Ford.

1574 – Strange new flying creatures called gamlaks are sighted near Pricklefish Stead.

1575 – Settlement of Pavis-Outside-The-Walls by Sartarites and Alda-Churi.

1582 – King Moriades of Tarsh defeats Exiles at Grizzly Peak. Death there of Tarkalor of Sartar. Fall of Bagnot. Siege of Alda Chur.

1583 – Terasin of Sartar lifts siege of Alda Chur. Tribes of the Far Place join Kingdom of Sartar. Terasin proclaimed WarLord of the Alda-Churi: designs new wall and towers for the city. He also completes road from Dangerford to Alda Chur, and builds village of Alone for Tarsh survivors of Grizzly Peak.

1585+ – Alda Chur thrives as the trade crosspoint between Sartar, Tarsh, and Prax.

1588 – Birth of Jar-eel the Razoress.

1595 – Yelason Trembling-Sky conducts SunSpear Ritual at Engoli: brings 144 days of sunshine. Mass conversions to Yelmalio amongst Princeros, Vantaros, Tovtaros and Dinacoli.

1602 – Lunar invasion of Sartar and the Far Place. Household of Death unsuccessfully counter-attacks with an Alda-Churi army.

1606 – Orlanthi priests agitate for violent expulsion of Lunar missionaries.

1607 – 3,000 Lunar infantry killed at Ghost Gors, trapped in forest during Dark Season and harassed by Orlanthi. Regimental Silver Crescents and magic implements disappear.

1608 – Ghost Gors bodies discovered.

1610 – Fall of Pavis. Many Alda-Churi rebels return to their tribes.

1611 – Elmali kinstrife is stirred up by Lunar agitators, leading to Righteous Wind Rebellion. Alda Chur torn apart by rioting. Harvar Ironfist destroys Orlanthi rebels at Gamla’s Leap: is proclaimed Lord of the Alda-Churi. Purge of Orlanthi tribes. Many refugees swarm southwards into Torkani lands. Some Elmali unilaterally proclaim the Peace of the One Sun, refusing to fight further.

1613 – Starbrow’s Rebellion. Ironfist’s assistance is instrumental in Lunar victory. Far Point places itself nominally under Kingdom of Tarsh.

1621 – Fall of Whitewall. Gamlaks sing over Ironspike.

1624 – Temporary seating collapses in Alda Chur stadium during Fertility Festival. Many leading Yelmalians killed. ‘An Evil Wind’.

1625 – Dragon destroys Temple of Reaching Moon. Invasions of Sartar from Prax and Hendrikiland. Boldhome rebellion. Far Point army defeated by Kallyr Starbrow at Dangerford. Starbrow named queen and warlord of Sartar.

1626 – Starbrow attempts Short Lightbringer’s Quest. Third Chaos-Breaking. Far Point tribes combine against threat from Ginijji.

1627 – Starbrow rekindles Flame of Sartar. Alda-Churi tribes among those to acknowledge her Prince of Sartar.

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