Imports and Exports

Chapter Seven of the Topic: Life In Landscape– Being, visions of the Far Place, the gors and the gallt, with notes various on flora and fauna, hunting, herding, agriculture, food and matters diverse.

Trade in the Far Place

Outside of Alda Chur, which is one of the most important trading cities in Dragon Pass, regional trade is not well developed in Far Point. The most important items include the following.

Main Exports

Oxhides | Furs | Wax | Honey | Amber | Animal Skins | Patterned Cloth | Lapis Lazuli | Salt | Torcs | Oilwood | EWF Artefacts | Spider Silk | Thralls (esp. healthy adults) | Herbs and Dried Produce | Fish Sauce (Blackburn, Sticklepick) | Berry Wine and Spirits | Uz Goods | Trollkin Urine | Tannin (Oak Galls) | Cedar Blood | Drinking Horns | Balsam Wood | Woollen Hooded Cloaks | Woad (blue dye) | Madder (red dye) | Kermes Insect (Imperial scarlet dye)

Main Imports

Esrolian Glass | Wine | Iron and Bronze Implements (restricted by Lunars) | Locks and Keys | Thralls (Alda Chur only: esp. boys, girls, eunuchs) | Dates | Alum | Brocades | Lentils | Building Materials such as Slate and Marble | Garlic | Safron | Corriander | Rue | Pistachio | Musk | Aloe Wood | Camphor | Cinnamon | Rare Animals (e.g. Hunting Dogs)

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