Devi Kut

The Tikut (First Powers)

bi Ka’tamalah the Great Mother (Female, Unborn)

Komun Black Tongue the Guardian (Female, Unborn)

Byo Shu the Mushroom Rider, the Open Eye (Female, Unborn)

bi Bo Ki Sha, The Strong-Voiced Daughter (Female, Incarnate)

Hyung Po Han, the Perfect Mirror, the Emissary (Female, Born)

Tkk Tkk Tkk, the Hidden One (Twin-sexed, Born)

tal Tonaka the Typhoon (Female, Unborn)

Yo Ki the Favoured Son, the Shalam’biba (Male, Unborn)

Cho Chi Bak the Mapwoman, The Blameless Daughter (Female, Unborn)

Bong Bong the Mind Ape (Male, Unborn)

Rainfather Banmyun (Male, Unborn)

Zigsa White Claw (Female, Unborn)

Other Important Deities

Kno Dup the Factotum (Male, Born)

Pang Lo the Wise Servant (Male, Born)

Kal Chan the Blue Glacier (Male, Unborn)

Torma-jo the Caravan Guard (Male, Born)

Krash the Pilgrim (Male, legendary)

Shijun The Copper Bow (Female, Born)

Sa bi Shan the Stillness (Girlchild, Unborn)

The Kitchen Bird (Sexless, Born)

Haeshin the Tsunami (Male, Unborn)

Khon Kea Ha the Fever Woman (Female, Unborn)

abon Yo-u Kidu the Fox (Female, Unborn)

Shi No Pah, City Kut of Sinop (Male, Born)

Kal’ttar Mountain Kut

Kom Yeonin the Bear Prince (Male, Born)

The Sansin [Mountain Gods] (Male, Unborn)

The Ho-Su Sin [Lake Goddesses] (Prepubescent Female, Unborn)

Nun Shaja The Snow Lioness (Female, Born)

Grandmother Kuchen the Rock Ogress (Female, Legendary)

Tokmay the White Yak (Male, Unborn)

bi Sonam the Bountiful (Female, Unborn)

Daughter of the Mountain (Female, Born)

The Wind Horse (shamanic)

I Yae Ki the White Birch Woman, The Scroll Woman (Female, Unborn)

Some Unusual Kut

Mandala lor Kas (Sinop Kut of the Lawyer caste starved by her priests after permitting malpractice)

TheoK (the Kut of Wells who ‘went away’ and can no longer be contacted)

Gunin the Kut of War (a Demon Kut consumed by Komun Black Tongue: parts of his insane ghost still wander the wild lands)

The Iron Wok (‘I am a Wok, I am of I-I-Ron”)

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