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Waiting for the Bull

throwing axes

A Heortling axe man. Daz Studio and Photoshop. Click for high rez version.

Tattooed Warrior

tattooed warrior

I know little of this Orlanthi woman: she sat silent as I painted her face. Later, it rained.
DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

Mistress of Storms

mistress of storms
Two Orlanthi thunder rebels in the rain-blessed hills of Sartar.

Near final draft of a  rather ambitious art project (by my standards) using DAZ Studio and Photoshop. Well worth clicking for the large scale image!

Comments and suggestions most welcome, as this is still evolving.

Out of the misty dawn

Orlanthi raider

Study of an Orlanthi raider, looking for cattle and just enough mayhem to make a song about. (Cattle optional).

DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

Light Son

I have more than enough to distract me at the moment (we’re moving house!) but last week MOB (Michael O’Brien) published the cover of Sun County to his FaceBook page, and he got me thinking about Yelmalians. Sun County’s mix of insight, humour, clarity and downright playability still sets the bar for Gloranthan supplements.  Those Yelmalians in my head just wouldn’t go away This is just a concept sketch, but it’s enough to allow me to start thinking about the move again. I will post the final when it is complete.


Light Son – character concept for a Yelmalian Rune Lord. Work in Progress, DAZ Studio and Photoshop.