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Laura Modjesk (The Investigators #1)


The Investigators No. 1.
Laura Modjeska, real estate clerk.
Save the universe, thwart cosmic evil, walk the kids to school.

DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

Click image for full size.

(A continuing occasional series)


close shave



Razorhurst, Gunhurst, Bottlehurst, Dopehurst – it used to be Darlinghurst, one of the finest quarters of a rich and beautiful city; to-day it is a plague-spot, where the sporn of the gutter grow and fatten on official apathy. By day it shelters in its alleys, in its dens, the Underworld people. At night, it looses them to prey on property, decency & virtue, & to fight one another for division of spoils. Truth, 23 September 1928.

Razorhurst, Sydney, 1926. That wild and haunted city. The Turn of Midnight Waters. Rendered in DAZ Studio and Photoshop. Click for full size image.

Xenomorph: Character Sheets & Briefings

Listen up Drop Bears. They’re here. Xenomorph character sheets are now available online for registered teams. Let’s hope this thing goes smooth and by the numbers. We need DCS and tactical database assimulation by teams. Ordinance loading, weapons strip, and shuttle prep details will have until 1800 Friday. Let’s move it people!

OK, enough of the gratuitous Aliens allusions. This is not a bug hunt. 🙂

All players should read the Shackleton Background Briefing.

Shackleton Background Briefing (low rez – 943 K)

Shackleton Background Briefing (high rez – 6.2 Meg)

To select characters, have a look at the Mission Personnel Briefing. From this you can, as a team, allocate characters to play.

Mission Personnel Briefing (low rez – 823 K)

Mission Personnel Briefing (high rez – 10.6 Meg)

Once your team has allocated characters for each player, you can download individual character sheets, below. Registered teams only, please.

Warning: Individual character sheets are spoiler rich. Please read only the character sheet you will play.

Each character sheet PDF is print quality and approximately 3 Meg in size.

Iriaka Conrad
Chul-Moo Crowe
Cai Gentle
Wayne Gould
Uki Pynne

Printed character sheets will be provided at Phenomenon. We are making electronic copies available early to encourage character and background familiarity, costume (if that’s your thing), and to maximise actual playing time.