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It was the fabric on the dress. And the textures on the wall. And I found myself thinking, “Should I call this, ‘Good night in a bad club’, or ‘Bad night in a good club’?” POV. POV. Whose gaze? Exploring the undead vibe in DAZ Studio and Photoshop.


Phenomenon (di di di-didi)


Winding down from Phenomenon 2014 – what a fantastic con.  Thanks to everyone who made it just a great weekend – organisers, writers and players. See you all next year!

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Greetings from Dapto II!


taikonaut walker

Greetings from Dapto II!

Do come visit.. Bring a blanket!

Doing the Math

trinity drake
No postwork! DAZ studio render, all hologram effects done in situ. A character illustration for Dark.

Walk the Walk


walk_the_walk3Or, a girl and her mech. DAZ Studio and Photoshop. This all started as a doodle, when I decided I didn’t like the colour of a shirt. (Click image for high rez version).