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Out of the misty dawn

Orlanthi raider

Study of an Orlanthi raider, looking for cattle and just enough mayhem to make a song about. (Cattle optional).

DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

Light Son

I have more than enough to distract me at the moment (we’re moving house!) but last week MOB (Michael O’Brien) published the cover of Sun County to his FaceBook page, and he got me thinking about Yelmalians. Sun County’s mix of insight, humour, clarity and downright playability still sets the bar for Gloranthan supplements.  Those Yelmalians in my head just wouldn’t go away This is just a concept sketch, but it’s enough to allow me to start thinking about the move again. I will post the final when it is complete.


Light Son – character concept for a Yelmalian Rune Lord. Work in Progress, DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

Humakti warriors

I have begun the slow process of adding examples  of my 3D art to Myth-O-Logic, sorting through old online galleries and portfolios. To get the ball rolling, here are two grim Humakti!

Humakti Gallery

The Ambush: A Tribute

The final version, with added detailing and more functional armour.

Full size version here:

Draft here (Different armour):

North of the Cholanti the hills rise wild, and ancient forests stand inviolate in isolation; nest and shelter to brutal powers older than time.

The Uz call it Dagori Inkarth. It is a deadly land, beyond understanding, filled with secret trails known only to the Wind and the unseeing eye of Darkness. Darkspore and whipvine fester there, no tula stone claims boundary with the wilderness, no herd or crop contends against the tyranny of branch and rock and water. Shadows fester that are servant to neither sun nor chaos moon, and the air itself whispers chill and turgid, battered by the unceasing torrent of the Sky Vent.

The Lady walks there, and the Old Bear, that one, but of the human tribe only the odaylans dare its sunless weald, and they seldom, in solitary secrecy and fear.

Braggi flat refused to lead the Lunars north, even after threats against his kin. He had earned his honour name in that shadow-haunted wild, and mead and poets’ praise in plenty, but even he refused to walk there after the season of harvest and falling leaf.

The Lunars, wrapped in silver and false confidence, headed north without a guide. A mere file, some twenty spears, and only six on horseback.  Four weeks they said, to journey to the lake beneath Skyfall and to return. Four weeks.

Three seasons on, and neither word nor tale. Like so many before them, they have been swallowed by the wild.

And white-faced, Braggi returns from the Ring. By flickering flame, soft-spoke and fearful, he whispers that we must go and find them.

– Ironspike, Fire Season, 1618.

‘The Ambush’ depicts a Lunar hoplite ambushed by a troll in the wilds north of the Cholanti River. It is offered in part as a tribute to the work of  Luise Perrin, who gave us a certain classic book cover, and to a splendid cover yet to come. And yes, the Lunar is left handed.

By coincidence, as I was writing this post, a friend returned my original print copy of Cults of Prax, now home after many a year. Ah, RQ2, Greg, Steve, Luise, Lisa, Ray… salut!

Helden: A novella of the Hero Wars

The order comes: gash flesh, gore shield, make iron ring. Glut the wolves and birds of prey with fat and flesh of foe.

I am pleased to note that Helden is again available for download in PDF format. As the clans of Sartar and the Far Place rise in rebellion, a life-sick Humakti and his Vingan companion journey to a hill of swords, where the fate of the Kingdom depends on a desperate and ill-matched few.

Helden is a tale of death and laughter from the Hero Wars. 79 pages. Grab it now.