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Greetings from Dapto II!


taikonaut walker

Greetings from Dapto II!

Do come visit.. Bring a blanket!

Doing the Math

trinity drake
No postwork! DAZ studio render, all hologram effects done in situ. A character illustration for Dark.

Walk the Walk


walk_the_walk3Or, a girl and her mech. DAZ Studio and Photoshop. This all started as a doodle, when I decided I didn’t like the colour of a shirt. (Click image for high rez version).

Sentry Duty

sentry ldp

Bright blessings all for Sacred Time (western variant). A simple exercise in light and colour, DAZ Studio and Photoshop. Click for high rez version.

The Gate of Heaven

gate-of-heaven2-webAnd so it begins.

The Gate of Heaven is a science fiction roleplaying module that I will be running at Phenomenon 2013. Players will take the roles of five women – grandmothers, mothers and daughters – from a ruling family confronting a series of crises that threaten to overwhelm T’ien, their fragile stellar colony. I have established a module page here.

This poster was created using DAZ Studio and Photoshop. It portrays Ushas –  a young political activist and one of the player characters – within the colony Redoubt.

Now all that Pip and I have to do is actually write it. 🙂