Xenomorph: We commit his body to the Void …

Steven ‘Ripper’ Pearson. With us always.

In Memorium: Steven ‘Ripper’ Pearson, station security officer RSV Shackleton, husband and friend. Survived by loving wife Iriaka Conrad. Steven passed away in a tragic airlock incident. He was a responsible and hard-working member of the csiro-billington extended family, dedicating his career to crew safety and order.

‘We remember the good times together’.
Wayne – friend, fellow officer and Drop Bear.

‘Best mate ever.’
Chul-Moo – friend, fellow officer and Drop Bear.

A memorial service will be held at 1700 Thursday at the Events Hall 3, Kilda level, followed by drinks at the Chatsubo, Area 4, Collingwood level.

In lieu of floriforms, mourners are requested to make a donation to the csiro-billington Childrens Education Fund.

[Game related material for Xenomorph].

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