Cthulhu Dark Character Sheet

I have been much taken of late by Cthulhu Dark, Graham Walmsley’ s ultralight rules system for Lovecraftian games. Its very much a storytelling system, with minimal and extremely hackable rules. You can download the game here – all three pages!


I will be playing for the first time this weekend, and I have created a two page character sheet and rules summary for my own game. My version adds a few extras, based on some very helpful discussions at Yog-Sothoth and Story Games. The sheet is adapted from some very helpful original materials by Jenscot.

Here is the link:

Cthulhu Dark character sheet expanded

After play I may make further refinements, and convert the PDF into a fillable form.

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By day, John Hughes is a social sciences editor and e-publisher at the Australian National University. By night he is a roleplaying author, 3D artist, and cognitive anarchist. His digital homepage is myth-o-logic.org

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  1. Grateeful for sharing this

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