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Xenomorph: Cai Gentle

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Cai Gentle, Shuttle Pilot, RSV Shackleton

Female, star-born (corporation citizenship), mid twenties.

Company Brat, well-liked, but a bit… docile.

In an artificial world where even the sanitation workers have double PhDs, Cai Gentle is an anomaly. The twenty three year old woman  is a corporation brat, born and raised in deep space on company research stations and colonies. She has little formal education, but possesses resources and reflexes honed by a lifetime in artificial space environments. She is one of the space-born. As a shuttle pilot and cargo handler/courier, Cai is one of the most well-known faces on Shackleton.

Cai Gentle is a player character in Xenomorph. Artwork created and rendered in DAZ Studio, with postwork in Adobe Photoshop.

Wikipedia: C the third letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

Xenomorph: Background Briefing

Here is the second of the player handouts for my Xenomorph game to be run at Phenomenon 2012. The seven page PDF presents an  introduction to Shackleton station and recent events.

Download the low rez PDF here (943 K):

Xenomorph Background Briefing (low rez)

and a high rez version if you’d like to print it out (6.3 Meg):

Xenomorph Background Briefing (high rez)

None of the Xenomorph handouts contain spoilers, all are safe for pre-game perusal. Collect the full set and impress your friends. :)

Mission Call
In the dark hours after general curfew, station security control is bathed in shadow.

Quiet all decks. Shackleton’s tiny habitat of some fourteen hundred fragile souls lies sleeping. An entire steel-encased world surrenders to sleep. A few rest peacefully, others not. All dream. Perhaps even MOTHER dreams.

With a soft repeated beeping, the watch officer’s screen wakens to life. Down-scrolling letters reflect in the glass of a space helmet.

MOTHER calls, cryptic and insistent. Something is amiss.

MOTHER has something that needs doing.

On Shackleton a woman is sleeping. On Shackleton a woman awakes.

In the darkness, someone is weeping.

Xenomorph: Shackleton Station

With registration for Phenomenon 2012 now open, here is the first of the player handouts for my Xenomorph game. It presents a schematic of Shackleton station, the players’ home base.

Download the high quality PDF here (2.8 Meg):

Xenomorph 1 – Shackleton Station schematic

None of the handouts contain spoilers, all are safe for pre-game perusal. Collect the full set and impress your friends. 🙂

More Shackleton Station here. The featured model was created using DAZ Studio.

Xenomorph: Shackleton Station

Some initial design renders for RSV Shackleton, the csiro-billington research station that features in Xenomorph. DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

(Click for larger version).

Xenomorph: Player Characters

Far out on the Rim, aboard the csiro-billington research station Shackleton, a boarding team assembles for an urgent mission. Some are corporate security – drop bears – others are science techs. They are to intercept a Colonial Marines military vessel that has appeared out of hyperspace, seemingly disabled and abandoned.

The name of the ship is Sulaco.

A slideshow of the player characters for John and Pip’s upcoming Xenomorph roleplaying module at Phenomenon 2012. For more details, see the Xenomorph page. Artwork by John using DAZ Studio and Photoshop

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