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A rare old piece of Australian History


The Sydney Bulletin went under in the Great Depression. That fine old Surry Hills tabloid is little remembered these days, but one of its claims to immortality is that the paper’s reporting of the Alert incident in 1925 provided one of the inspirations for H.P. Lovecraft’s novella, ‘The Call of Cthulhu’.

After some research (‘midst ancient tomes by midnight at the Australian Museum in College Street) I am pleased to be able to share the front page of the Sydney Bulletin of April 18 1925. The now-famous headline reports the arrival of the Alert at Darling Harbour after a terrifying encounter in the South Pacific.

Click for a high quality PDF copy of the Sydney Bulletin Alert Report (PDF 353K)


Vigilant Arrives With Helpless Armed New Zealand Yacht in Tow. One Survivor and Dead Man Found Aboard. Tale of Desperate Battle and Deaths at Sea. Rescued Seaman Refuses Particulars of Strange Experience. Odd Idol Found in His Possession. Inquiry to Follow.

“Laura Potter does NOT want the guided tour…”


And she’s quite insistent. Going a little bit pulp with DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

Terra Antarctica Character Sheet

TA-CharHere is a Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet for the Terra Antarctica campaign. It is a PDF form, so you can fill in the fields and save.

Download the form, and open in a PDF viewer. Be sure to save the file with a new name once you have filled in the stats!

Terra Antarctica Call of Cthulhu character form

If you are using an iPad I’ve found that Perfect PDF is one of the few apps that can handle PDF forms.

Terra Antarctica


A new campaign is taking place. Antarctica beakons… the secret 1945-46 Australian military expedition to be precise. Here is our first concept image, a Supermarine Walrus seaplane over the ice of Neuschwabenland sometime in the summer of  ’45-46.

Terra Antarctica! More soon.

Art created and rendered in DAZ Studio and Photoshop.

A Little Lovecraftian

investigator den

A character piece I put together in DAZ Studio and Photoshop. A Call of Cthulhu investigator in that den of safety and calm, the library. At least until you start reading old books…

Click for larger image.