Xenomorph 2020

“Are we ready for drop bear?” Systemless roleplaying for a security team investigating the spaceship Sulaco immediately following the events of the movie Aliens. Inspired by the draft Alien3 script by William Gibson.

A roleplaying scenario by Philippa and John Hughes
Updated for Phenomenonline 2020

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Full Module package

If running the game, you can download the full Xenomorph module package (70 Meg Zip archive)

Alternatively, you can download individual files.

Handouts for all players

Character sheets for individual players

(Choose your character from the Character Briefing handout above. Check with your GM before downloading. Character sheets contain game spoilers.)

  • C1-Conrad.pdf
    Iriaka Conrad (female, mid thirties). Drop bear and Shackleton security officer. Usually a consummate professional, of late Conrad has become increasingly unstable, angry, and violent.
  • C2-Crowe.pdf
    Chul-Moo Crowe (male, forty-ish). Drop bear and Shackleton security officer. An aggressive bully all-too-familiar with violence, Crowe has been demoted for going too far.
  • C3-Gentle.pdf
    Cai Gentle (female, mid twenties). Shackleton shuttle pilot and mission medic. Quietly assertive and ethical, Cai has always lived on-station. The Corporation is all that she has ever known.
  • C4-Gould.pdf
    Wayne Gould (male, late-forties). Head of Shackleton security, a drop bear. Gould is a warrior past his prime, weighed down by what he has done in the name of the Corporation.
  • C5-Pynne.pdf
    Uki Pynne (male, mid twenties). Biotechician and systems professional, Pynne is a genius, and he expects everyone to recognise his gift. He is fascinated with life on the planet below.

Gamemaster materials

Stay frosty people!

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